About us

About us

Nepal flying Paragliding School (P.) Ltd was established in 2014 and registered at the company registrar’s office ,Government of Nepal and certified by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal .It is owned and operated by Nepalese nationals .

Our goal is to offer a professional tandem paragliding service ,as well as training of pilots and to promote paragliding as a major adventure touristic activity in Nepal

The company’s head office is located at Ammat,Lakeside,Pokhara-6,Nepal .It is under Nepalese management and office  staff are also Nelpalese.The company has both Nepalese and international pilots who are internationally certified.We have discovered most of the paragliding sites of Nepal and are fighting to bring up a air sports in Nepal . Nepal Flying Paragliding School is now a well established company. We offer paragliding , zip -line ,ultra-light flight and many other adventures events and recreational activities related to fly.

Our company is insured by a third party insurance company .It provides tandem flights from our designated launh site Toripani (1650 meters above see level ) with the landing zones at the end of the lake ,with complimentary pick-ups/drop-offs as passenger’s location .We are commited to provide the highest quality service , with no compromise for the safety of our clients .

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